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K-blocks mission is to make a more robust analytics tool for Kadena coin. The "K" in K-Block stands for Kadena, as in Kadena coin. This crypto currency specializes in scalability with potential for cheaper and faster minting.


Kadena coin lacks robust analytic applications, creating a demand for improved analytics tools.

The problem with current tools:

Not enough info

Not beginner friendly

Difficult to understand


Create a K-Block chain explorer and NFT analytics tool usable for all experience levels.

  • Remove barrier to entry

  • Help avoid scams

  • Help users leverage analytics to understand market insights


  • 28% lower rate of confusion finding relevant blocks

  • 18% faster navigation to relevant blocks by beginner users

  • 106% increase in popup tips

Project Preview

Usability audit of previous design

After familiarizing myself with Kadena coin I began to try to understand why users were getting confused by auditing the pages according to design best practice.

Problem #1: Basic UI alignment, heirarchy and grouping issues

Problem #2: Failure to visually differentiate multiple transactions

Design Explorations: Transaction Summary Page

Exploration #1: Bento style to organize information and show familiar UI

💡 Why it works

  • Common pattern used by competitors

  • Visually organized layout, dividing content in distinct compartments to improve clarity of information

🚫 Why it didn't work

  • Separating the sender/ receiver did not make it seem like it was part of the transaction summary

  • It was not as easy to scan making it harder for the users

Exploration #2: Figuring out how to display easy to understand transactions

💡 Why it worked

  • Kept sender and receiver separate & added payment information - to make it easier to understand

❌ Why it didnt work

  • It was not scalable to show multiple transactions.

Exploration #3: (WINNER) Keeping the layout simple, and improved grouping

💡 Why it worked

  • Easy to understand at a glance

  • Can accommodate for multiple transactions



Usability Testing Results

23 Remote Moderated Usability Testing conducted by the research team


  1. New users to crypto coin found the website confusing, still unsure what things meant

  2. Experienced users were impressed by quality / information

"K-Block’s data analytics is more comprehensive than other options, a one-stop-shop for high priority blockchain information. I'm highly impressed with K-Block." - Usability testing participant


  • 28% lower rate of confusion finding relevant blocks

  • 18% faster navigation to relevant blocks by beginner users

  • 106% increase in popup tips

Commendation from client 👏

“Such a great experience balancing between miners, devs and traders. So well thought out”

Next Steps

  • Gathering insights from Beta testing to inform the next phase’s design decisions.

  • Incorporate candlestick analysis charts and other insights as recommended by UXR & Product team.

  • Find the unique value proposition and ensure feasibility before adding a NFT marketplace.

  • Add a Resources page, expanding on what’s deemed necessary and feasible in terms of educational content.

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